Refrigerated Cargo

State-of-the-Art Climate Control Units

Columbia Coastal Transport uses state of the art climate control units (power packs) to keep cargo temperatures monitored ashore and at sea. These specially designed power packs have dual generators and dual engines to provide maximum cargo protection at all times.

The Caterpillar C15 Standby Generator Set is designed and engineered to provide reliable and versatile alternatives to conventional underground or nose-mounted power sources. Rated at 450 KW prime power, the unit is capable of supplying power for up to 42 refrigerated containers wherever the need arises. On average, our units can supply a full load power for up to six days in-transit when at full utilization.

Each power pack is totally self-contained in a 40′ ISO container, and is designed so that if the primary voltage producer experiences a failure, the back-up voltage producer will automatically come online and continue to provide power.