Supply-Chain Sustainability

Columbia Coastal Transport sets the standard for short-sea shipping by offering the greenest intermodal cargo transport available today. The container-on-barge services we have provided since 1990 not only produce tremendous economic benefit to their customers, but they also help to reduce the port congestion, highway traffic and infrastructure wear caused by heavy trucks.

  • Columbia’s all-water mode of container transport not only lowers operating costs but also provides a significant positive, measurable impact on the environment.
  • Columbia Coastal barges transport anywhere from 450 to 912 TEU’s of containerized freight at one time which, on average, will offset more than 500,000 truck highway miles on a single one-way voyage.
  • By moving multiple containers at one time, Columbia Coastal barges can eliminate a significant amount of emissions annually.
  • Columbia Coastal Transport is by far the best choice for today’s green-conscious companies as well as for U.S. ports seeking to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.


Let our team of Marine Highway Experts work with your firm to make your supply-chain more sustainable. We are available at your convenience for a free consultation.

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Key Environmental Statistics